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A graduate of UCLA with a double major in political science and history, Allycyn's first exposure to mortgage lending was during undergraduate studies while working with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington D.C. Since graduating, she has worked with three of the Southland's major mortgage lending firms. Allycyn's dedication and professionalism have earned her recognition as one of Orange County's leading loan officers. Her success is based on over 30 years of mortgage lending experience, offering service beyond compare and a standard of ethics second to none. Allycyn puts herself on the line with each loan, giving her full commitment to a single successful transaction.
The potential is endless with Allycyn's well-trained team, highly qualified loan processor and sophisticated computer systems. This quality of support, coupled with her superior packaging abilities, continue to place her among the elite in the industry. She has established a networking system of over 50 lending institutions with access to every type of loan product on the market including fixed and adjustable rates, FHA, and VA loans, and combo loan programs with 1st and 2nd Trust Deeds. It is no wonder Allycyn's loyal client list continually grows and consists of some of the top real estate professionals in the industry.

Having closed over $90 million in loans in a single year, Allycyn boasts a proven track record of a 99.3% closed-to-origination ratio. Well-versed in all aspects of mortgage lending, she possesses a depth of experience in both conforming and non-conforming loans, as well as packaging to private, institutional, and government underwriters.

Allycyn's client profile ranges from first-time home buyers to very experienced borrowers with diverse financial backgrounds and extremely complex financial portfolios. Formula packaging has no place in Allycyn's approach to mortgage lending. Her success ratio is clearly the result of her understanding that each loan request is an original work. It must be tailored to represent the individual client's credit-worthiness in terms that are acceptable to a specific type of lender.

Allycyn prides herself on getting to the heart of peoples financing needs and on keeping both the realtor and the client informed throughout every step of the lending process. Experience, communication, service, and integrity. These are the cornerstones of Allycyn Bennett's work ethic. Let her put them to work for you!

The depth and breadth of Allycyn's expertise extends beyond a one-time loan transaction and generates clients for life. She is adept at providing on-going professional counseling for a most thorough and professional job.


Allycyn's years of experience boast a proven track record of 99.5% closed-to-origination ratio and closings of over $90 million in loans in a single year.


Allycyn offers her clients the full benefits of her networking system which features over 50 lending institutions with access to every type of loan product on the market.


Allycyn's fast, efficient service, persistence, and uncanny ability to stay on top of a loan until it is closed have earned her repeat business from some of the area's top Real Estate professionals.


A complete package: action plus satisfaction are the cornerstones of Allycyn's professional efforts.
This is what generates client relationships for life. That relationship involves on-going counseling regarding loans for homes, refinance options, debt consolidation, and more.

2023 Five-Star Professional Award (11-year recipient of this award)
2023 Elite Women of the Year Recipient
Listed in Who’s Who in America

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